Universal Jeep:
Available in 3 Models


Below is the colourful cover of "Form No. W-250-B", a late-fifties Willys Motors brochure advertising their Universal Jeep line. The brochure features the new CJ-5 and CJ-6 models, and the only evidence of the CJ-3B on the cover is the one photo at the bottom (plowing snow), and the words "available in 3 models" in small type.

Cover of Brochure W-250-B

There is another small photo of the "economical CJ-3B" in the section called "Pick the Jeep For Your Job" on one page of the brochure (130K JPEG). A similar second interior page features the long-wheelbase CJ-6, and the Hurricane engine. There are also drawings showing four-wheel drive in action, and optional cabs and equipment.

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