Giant Fire Trucks in Texas


Talk about a rogues gallery. For the record, here's a collection of huge, built-for-battle Kaiser 6x6 2-1/2 ton trucks converted for brushfire service in various jurisdictions in Texas, after being retired from the military. They were part of a large 2008 online auction of surplus equipment from GSA Auctions. The trucks were generally listed as "repairs required / inoperable / parts missing."

1977, diesel, flatbed, mileage 9428.

1968, diesel V6, flatbed, mileage 4180.

1969, diesel V6, 5-ton, bed missing, mileage 27,304.

1977, diesel, flatbed, mileage 2925.

1968, diesel V6, flatbed, mileage 19,167. No details on box.

1968, diesel, tanker, mileage unknown.

1968, diesel, tanker, mileage 3652.

1968, diesel V6, 5-ton flatbed, mileage 4084.

1970, diesel V6, flatbed, mileage 32,165, bed missing.

1968, diesel V6, 5-ton flatbed, mileage 4084.

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