"Willys Loses its Way"

by James Rorrison


"Universal Jeep: Jeep's Post-War Years -- Willys Loses its Way" by James Rorrison is an article from the Australian 4WD magazine Bushdriver, Vol.19 No.4, 1997.

This short history of Willys-Overland in the 1940's and 50's is mostly interesting for the photos of a right-hand-drive CJ-3B apparently modified by somebody to look like a military Jeep. The first page tells the story of the first surplus jeep sale in 1943, with a big photo of a militarized CJ-3B as a sunbathing spot. The second page describes the civilianization of the MB, with more high-hood cheesecake photos.

Page 50

Page 51


The third page (250K GIF) is the text-only conclusion of the article, covering Willys' gradual changes to the CJ series, and the company's failure to develop a new, technically advanced military Jeep. The M38 was not a huge success in Korea, and eventually gave way to Ford's innovative M-151. It's a pretty good summary of the story, although in order to advance his argument the author barely mentions the very successful M38A1. -- Derek Redmond

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