4x4's history of the "High Hood"

by John Carroll and Mark Askew


John Carroll came up with some great photos from his archives to illustrate this beautifully laid-out 50th anniversary article from the British magazine 4x4, August 2002. Much of the text covers the various overseas versions of the CJ-3B.

4x4"In many ways, the CJ-3B is the best flat-fender...."

4x4"Yet another Hotchkiss variant of the CJ-3B was the HWL, a 100-inch wheelbase version...."

4x4"The 4th June 1998 was an important day for Jeep fans everywhere...."

4x4"CJ-3B owner, Canadian Derek Redmond runs the CJ-3B website."

Thanks to John Carroll for sending the magazine, and for the plug for CJ3B.info (at the old web address.) -- Derek Redmond

Also on CJ3B.info, see John's article from Jp magazine, October-November 1997, on The Mahindra Jeep.

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