High Hoods Make Jeep Action Cover


Cover Jeep Action is Australia's magazine for Jeep fans. Their May-June 2017 issue has a photo of two high hood Jeeps on the cover, taken at the annual Camp Coffs Jeep Weekend. A Mitsubishi and a Willys on a trail ride are followed by an MB and a CJ-10 truck.

Camp Coffs The multi-page feature by Jeep Action editor Michael Bowen is full of good photography, giving an excellent look at the trail riding and socializing that takes place at this annual event open to all subscribers of the magazine.

Miran Hunziker Miran Hunziker's CJ-3B rated not only the cover, but a big photo on page 28 (left).

There was at least one other 3B in attendance; I don't know who owns the sharp blue Jeep (below).

There were also a few examples of a Jeep truck which you will seldom if ever see at a rally in North America. The CJ-10 (below) built by AM General in Michigan and also by VAM in Mexico in the early 1980's, was sold in Australia in short and long versions, and is widely known there as the J10 or the "1-tonner" (see History of Jeeps in Australia.) In the U.S. quite a few were modified as the stubby CJ-10A military aircraft tug. This CJ-10 at Camp Coffs was modified as a caravan tug.


Thanks to Jeep Action for the photos. -- Derek Redmond

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