Mountain Climber

1954 CJ-3B in Colorado


CJ-3B OB54The restoration of this OB54 CJ-3B shows a nice compromise between originality and functionality. The Jeep is seen here with Basalt Mountain near Aspen, Colorado in the background. It appears ready to tackle the mountains, although a roll bar might be a wise addition for any serious rock walking.

The plastic seats from a Bobcat skidsteer are practical, and the tires are tall and narrow but with a modern tread. The suspension is lifted a bit, and if any more lift is necessary, the hi-lift jack is accessible but unobtrusive.

EngineThe F-head engine is clean, re-wired, and has a simple paper air filter replacing the original oil bath filter. An electric fuel pump has been added.

The exhaust exits wisely behind the rear wheel, although on the left rather than the right (see a photo with the windshield up, 60K JPEG.) The paint color is not original but the paint job is carefully done.

DashThe windshield features dual electric wipers. When it's folded down it rests on nice repro hood blocks (although they are located too close together.)

This early 1954 CJ-3B has one of the OB54 serial numbers.

This Jeep was for sale in late 2003. -- Derek Redmond

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