1960-62 CJ-3B Owners and Photos

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1960 Owners' Photos
(16 Jeeps)

1960 Featured Jeeps

Chasing the Bighorn Sheep -- Micky Fleming's Canadian-built '60

Cloning President Thiệu's CJ-3B -- Andy Tally's 1960 parade Jeep in New Jersey.

Orange County Beauty -- 1960 CJ-3B sold at auction in California

My 1960 CJ-3B: A Rebuild Diary -- Don Hull's "Wally 60" in Ontario

Back in the Mountains With Dad's Jeep -- Jason McBride's '60 in Colorado

This Willys is a Driver -- Michael Davis' '60 in New Jersey

"Barn Finds" Are Out There -- Doug Anderson's '60 in Ohio

CJ-3B at the 1999 All-Breeds Jeep Show -- Ron Allen's '60 in Pennsylvania

Blue Raider -- Rankine Roth's '60 in Ternnessee

Jeep for the Avila Mountains -- Luis Miguel's '60 in the Avila mountains of Venezuela

Mississippi Mystery -- Michael Berthay's '60

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1961 Owners and Photos
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1961 Featured Jeeps

High Hood Surrey -- Bob Gibbs' '61 in Ohio

Dilapidated No More -- Dave Fedor's '61 in Alberta

1961 CJ-3B in New Zealand -- original Transport Yellow

Jeep Touring in the Alps -- Johannes Tanner's '61

Oilfield Jeep -- Jim Sammons' '61 in Texas

A Day With a Farm Jeep -- Ron Ingram's '61

The Story of a 1961 CJ-3B -- Rolfe French's family Jeep in New Hampshire

1961 CJ-3B At Work -- Lance Macmaster in Maine


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1962 Owners and Photos, Page 2
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1962 Owners and Photos, Page 1
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1962 Featured Jeeps

My "E-Barn" Find -- Mike Bowen's '62 in Texas

Lunch at The 3-B's Café -- Rich Meyer's '62 in Illinois

Six Sticks in Dixie -- Jim and Linda Pigg's '62

1962 CJ-3B Skyhawk -- Stefan Spielmann in Switzerland

My 1962 CJ-3B Project -- Frank Maurer's award-winning '62 in Pennsylvania

New Paint for the 40th Birthday -- John Belden's '62 snowplow Jeep

First Snow of the Year -- John plows the laneway

Wrangler Springs for a '62 3B -- Randy Merritt in Maryland

Found Behind the Sandwich Shop -- Michael Hrischuk's '62 in Pennsylvania

A Killer B on the Rubicon -- JC Jenkins' '62

1962 Military Jeep Restoration -- Rob Baens' '62 from Switzerland

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