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The full-size Jeep CJ-3B was frequently used as a fire engine (see CJ-3B Fire Engines), and there have been a few toys based on 3B fire Jeeps or chief's cars.

BomberosAs of 2016 there have been several series featuring 1/43 diecast historical vehicles in South American countries, including Colombia, Brazil and Peru. This 2016 Willys Bomberos Jeep from Peru (see More Ixo 1/43 High Hood Jeeps) is perhaps the first-ever scale model of a CJ-3B fire engine.

BombeirosA Corpo de Bombeiros chief's car from the series Carros Inesqueciveis ("Unforgettable Cars") do Brasil, is another variation on the Ixo high hood casting, with doors added. See also a rear view (90K JPEG).

Tomy box
At first I thought this older diecast chief's car was also 1/43, but it is actually marked 1/42 on its base. And it's #42 in the Tomy series from Tomica in Japan, and based a Mitsubishi J3R (right-hand-drive CJ-3B.)

Mitsubishi also put pumps in the back of these and called them the CJ3B-J7. See CJ-3B Fire Jeeps Around the World.

Tomy 1/42 The opening hood, detailed engine and removable soft top on the Tomy model are nice, but the windshield frame is crudely oversized.

Nomura tinplateThis impressively large example of Japanese tinplate (14 inches long) is from Toys Nomura (or simply "TN"), who were making some of the most advanced tinplate toys in the late 1950s. This "Fire Command Jeep" has a battery powered motor, lights, and siren. It also has a hose reel in the rear, which makes it more than a command vehicle.

The two tin figures are remarkably detailed, but surprisingly the badge on the opening hood is a sticker rather than a lithograph.

Tin fire JeepThis tinplate toy, with front-wheel friction drive and folding windshield, and also made in Japan by TN, appears to be an earlier and slightly smaller version of the "Fire Command Jeep". The dramatic illustrations on the box (50K JPEG) are similar to those of the battery-operated version above.

Tin fire Jeep boxThe Jeep is from the collection of Jarek Skonieczny, who says, "Larger than the common Japanese tin Jeeps, this one is almost Tonka sized (10 inches). The box clearly depicts a 3B so there is no question about the intent of the manufacturer to make it a 3B, even though the windshield has a split in it, perhaps just for strength."

It's one of several Japanese tin fire Jeeps (30K JPEG) in Jarek's collection, including a Forward Control truck and a little MB which has a number of plastic parts. "The FC is in really sad shape. There was a drive shaft to turn the top light, which also made the driver's arm go up and down as the Jeep drove. It's also made by TN -- the MB does not have a manufacturer indicated."

TinplateJudging from the great high-hood illustration on the box, this "Fire Command Car" from Toys Nomura is a further evolution of the above Fire Command Jeep, although this one has the dog-eared fenders of the later Mitsubishi Jeeps. The battery-operated 11-inch tinplate toy has a lithographed interior and hubcaps, and radio equipment in the rear.

See also a rear view (160K JPEG) of a well-worn example, showing the light-up screen, and a bottom view (90K JPEG) showing the "mystery action" rotating platform.

Tinplate Fire Chief
This Fire Chief Jeep is traditional friction drive, lithographed tinplate, but with a plastic steering wheel -- see a rear view (120K JPEG). Although at 6.5 inches long it is smaller than a Tonka, its construction is quite similar and probably based on a Mini-Tonka.


Tonka Fire JeepThe Tonka Pumper, which appeared in 1963, is one of the most in-demand Tonka Jeep toys. Since I argued in 1998 that the design of the Tonka pressed-steel Jeep was at least partially based on the CJ-3B (see Tonka Jeeps Are CJ-3Bs) I have included it on this page. For more photos, see The Tonka Jeep Pumper.

Hamilton fire truck pedal Jeeps also appear to be based on the CJ-3B.

Thanks to Jarek and Pete for their photos. -- Derek Redmond

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