Mint Mahindra CJ340
For Sale in the UK


CJ340 Here is possibly the lowest-mileage CJ-3B-style Jeep you're going to find in the world, and it's available for 8,500 pounds sterling (currently about US$10,600.)

Owner Ron Robinson says, "This 1990 Mahindra CJ340 located in North Yorkshire is a variation of the CJ-3B, built under license from Willys and imported into the UK, arriving from India via an assembly plant in Greece. This model was dubbed the "Indian Brave" in the UK." (See also Mahindra Jeeps in the UK on CJ3B.info.)

CJ340 Ron couldn't resist buying it a few years ago, but is now ready to test the market for selling it. He says, "It's incredible, until recently it was unregistered, and unused on the road since the day it left the factory. It was dry-stored in a heated warehouse, preserving it very well. An absolute treasure to come across, with this being an opportunity that will possibly never arise again. Used only in the dry, the vehicle has now covered 725 miles and is UK registered."

CJ340 Other features of the right-hand-drive diesel Mahindra:


CJ340 The diesel engine is the Peugeot 2112cc XDP, with a 4-speed KMT90 transmission and T18 2-lever transfer case, providing switchable 2- or 4-wheel drive (low and high ratio).

CJ340 The Recaro seats are an aftermarket addition.

CJ340 Seen in the rear are the side-swinging door, roll bar wrapped in the original black vinyl, rear fold-up side seats, mud flaps and the never-used trailer hitch.

CJ340 "It's still under covers in my workshop as I took it off the road last summer, so it has still never seen rain. You know when I bought it I was really happy, there were lots of questions about its age and whether to get an age-related plate or Q-plate registration. So I registered it on a Q plate which, if proof is supplied, can be changed to age-related."

CJ340 "It has a set of extra driving lights, and Olive Green weather equipment, doors never fitted.

"If someone wants a CJ with 750 miles on the clock and upon looking see all parts are new and look factory, it's for sale. If they want to come see and go away and research it, I am happy. At the end of the day if it does not sell I will put it back on the road and use it. I would prefer to see someone who has the time to enjoy it as it takes up a lot of space in my workshop."

Thanks to Ron for the photos. You can contact him at rjrrocket@aol.com. -- Derek Redmond

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