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Boyer CJ-2AThis delivery list found by the late Rodger Birchfield shows 135 Jeep conversions built by Boyer Fire Apparatus of Logansport, Indiana, between 1945 and 1950.

Many of the Boyer units were sold through Willys dealers across the U.S. In addition, the list below indicates that about 35 Boyers were exported by Willys, and Rodger found documentation indicating that 20 of those went to the Brazilian military (see Boyer CJ-2A Fire Engine in Brazil).

If you have any more information on any of the Jeeps below, or you know of a Boyer Willys whose Boyer serial number (on the dash) does not appear here, please submit the number with any information about where the Jeep may have been delivered, to redmond@cj3b.info.

DestinationYear Built   Boyer Serial No.   Barton Pump No.   Willys Serial No.  
1946 C-72725
1946 C-72728
Copeland Motors, Harrisburg PA 1947 J-101 C-80780
J-171 C-82667
W. Schott Willys, Cincinnati OH 1947 J-102 C-80790
Willys Newark, Newark NJ 1947 J-102 C-81466
J-159 C-81479
Coons Motor Co, Sioux City IA 1947 J-103 C-80807
Jack Briscoe Inc, Atlanta GA 1947 J-104 C-80787
J-173 C-82635
J-175 C-82636
J-177 C-83740
J-189 C-83764
J-191 C-83764
1947 116142
Bowman & Co, Grand Rapids MI            1947 J-106 C-80786
Schultz, Hazelton PA 1947 J-108 C-81406
1947 J-192 C-83762
1947 J-194 C-83370
Willys New England, Boston MA 1947 J-109 C-80804

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Note: There are two Jeeps listed above as J-102, delivered to Cincinatti OH and Newark NJ. I'm not sure where that mistake came from, but one of those Jeeps went to a fire department in Crittenden KY (south across the Ohio River from Cincinnati). When they sold it as surplus circa 1976 they removed the plumbing and equipment. In 1992 the CJ-2A was purchased by Gary Rogers in Virginia. As of 2017 Gary has done a frame off restoration (210K JPEG) and the odometer shows 3302 miles.

DestinationYear Built   Boyer Serial No.   Barton Pump No.   Willys Serial No.  
Willys-Overland, Washington DC 1947 J-110 C-81463* 83916
J-160 C-81454
J-170 C-81456
Maine Willys Sales Co, Camden ME         1945 78147
1947 J-111 C-81405
J-169 C-82657
1947 J-188 C-49532 105327
1947 115784
1947 116100
1947 116142
Ohio Willys Sales, Cleveland OH 1947 J-112 C-80801
1947 J-148 C-81484
August Ebke Inc, Buffalo NY 1947 J-113 C-80795
J-168 C-82631
1947 114461
Belt Line Motors, Albany NY 1947 J-114 C-81420
Willys of Hartford, E. Hartford CT 1947 J-115 C-80796
1947 J-139 C-81424
J-166 C-82632
1947 103908
1947 104249
Hubert Kelly Motors, Charleston WV 1947 J-116 C-81465
J-181 C-83751
J-182 C-83743
J-190 C-83756
1947 124773
1947 114589
1948 211046
Treegoob Motors, Philadelphia PA 1947 J-117 C-81464
J-178 C-82646
So. Jersey Willys, Camden NJ 1947 J-118 C-81460 CJ-2A
J-165 C-82659
Big Lick Motors, Roanoke VA 1947 J-119 C-81410
Carolina Willys, Greensboro NC 1947 J-120 C-83742
J-195 C-81417
1947 116329
Jerry Lynch, Detroit MI 1947 J-122 C-81427
Northwest Willys, Fargo ND 1947 J-123 C-81496
Newlin Motor & Equipment, Lansing MI 1947 J-124 C-82625
Turner Motors, Allentown PA 1947 J-125 C-81409
Kurland Motors, Denver CO 1947 J-126 C-81439
Long Island Dist, Brooklyn NY 1947 J-127 C-81453
J-167 C-81485
A.W. Pickett, New York NY 1947 J-128 C-80793
1947 J-179 C-82637

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Boyer Jeep J180 is alive and well (100K JPEG) in upstate NY with 7010 miles on it.

DestinationYear Built   Boyer Serial No.   Barton Pump No.   Willys Serial No.  
Parkhurst Motors, Syracuse NY 1947 J-129 C-81433
1947 J-180 C-83748
Asheville Willys, Asheville NC 1947 J-130 C-82627
Willys-Detroit, Detroit MI 1947 J-131 C-81428
Roy Fisher Motor Co, Oklahoma City OK 1947 J-132 C-80805
J-135 C-82620
J-136 C-80794
J-137 C-81488
Seaboard Motors, Seattle WA 1947 J-134 C-81446
Tropical Motors, Miami FL 1947 J-138 C-81421
Harmon Motor, Richmond VA 1947 J-146 C-81499
R.C.F. Motors, South Bend IN 1947 J-145 C-81477
1947 114493
Tidewater Willys, Norfolk VA 1947 J-147 C-81480
Tri-County Willys, Bridgeport Conn. 1947 J-151 C-81473
Muntzing Motor, Clarksburg WV 1947 J-157 C-81432
Mutual Motors, Columbia SC 1947 J-163 C-81440
Delmarva Sales, Wilmington DE 1947 J-164 C-81489
1947 114419
1947 J-186 114429
Haure Motor Sales, Rochester NY 1947 J-184 C-83745
Kerhan Motors, Baltimore MD 1947 J-193 C-83769
1947 116298
Cohen-Anderson Motor Co, Portland OR    1947 134789
Sam Horne Motor Co, Knoxville TN 1947 78184J

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Boyer CJ-3A
Note: Although the Boyer conversions are mostly 1947 CJ-2A's, there are several CJ-3A's among the later conversions, including a couple delivered for use at the Willys factory (near the bottom of the list).

The CJ-3A in the photo is apparently ready for delivery as Oak Spring No.1. It carries 15-gallon soda-acid extinguishers in the cab and on the optional tank trailer, as well as carbon-tet extinguishers behind the driver's seat.

DestinationYear Built   Boyer Serial No.   Barton Pump No.   Willys Serial No.  
Willys Providence, Providence RI 1947 105428
Willys Factory, Toledo OH Show Job 1947 J-150 C-82669
Willys Factory for Export 1947 J-107 C-81424
Canada 1947 J-121 C-81411
Willys Factory for Export 1947 J-133 C-80784
New Brunswick Dept. Natural Resources1947 J-140 C-82645CJ-2A 81005
J-141 C-81455
J-142 C-81481
J-143 C-81470
J-146 C-82666
J-149 C-81437
J-152 C-82650
J-153 C-81444
J-154 C-81448
J-155 C-82651
J-156 C-82624
J-158 C-81450
J-161 C-81471
J-162 C-81422
J-199 C-84384
J-200 C-84380
J-201 C-84391
J-202 C-84381
J-203 C-84382
J-204 C-83486
J-205 C-84389
J-206 C-84392
J-207 C-84388
J-208 C-84396
J-209 C-84387
J-210 C-84394
J-212 C-84399
J-213 C-84385
J-214 C-84395
J-215 C-84390
J-216 C-84400
J-217 C-84383
J-218 C-84393
1948 173793
1948 179883
1948 190127*
1948 214677
Atomic Energy Comm, Kansas City KS 1949 1037 C-78081-A
1949 20111-3J-20529
Willys-Overland, Washington DC 1950 CJ-3A 44609
Western Electric, Indianapolis IN 1950 B U-40 CJ-3A 43168
Willys-Overland, Toledo OH 1950 3JA 46400
C-828043J 45705
Atomic Energy Comm, Kansas City MO J-229 CJ-3A

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DRW FC-150
Boyer later built a handful of Jeep Forward Control units. The most unusual was this DRW FC-150 delivered to Eli Lilly & Co. in Indianapolis. See Boyer Jeep FC Fire Engines on CJ3B.info.

DestinationYear Built   Boyer Serial No.   Barton Pump No.   Willys Serial No.  
Eli Lilly & Co. Indianapolis IN 1958 11182 Hale 31895 FC-150 65548-14643
Palatine IL 1959 11203 Hale 32984 FC-170 61568-13-10136
Waukegan IL 1960 11253 Hale 34608 FC-170 61568-13-10425
Wonder Lake IL 1961 11271 Hale 34821 FC-170 10284


Enjine Enjine
Thanks to the late Rodger Birchfield for sending this list. See also his article "Jeep Fire Apparatus" in issue 2000-2 of Enjine Enjine, the magazine of the Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America. -- Derek Redmond

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