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Moacir Pedrosa

Moacir Pedrosa in Alagoas, Brazil, says, "My passion for Jeeps started in my teens when I visited my grandparents on their farm on weekends. They had a CJ-5 and whenever I could, I asked to drive to the nearest town. An uncle who inherited the farm still has this CJ-5, but without money to fix the problems that arise. I tried several times to buy the Jeep to restore and keep it in the family as a souvenir of my grandparents, but my uncle never wanted to sell it and the Jeep remains on the farm to this day, deteriorating more and more.

"Deciding to look for a Jeep to call mine, I started looking for a CJ-5 to buy. I found an ad and invited a friend who knows a lot about Jeeps to help me. We saw the car, but he said it wouldn't be a good deal. When I returned to his house, he showed me a 1954 Willys CJ-3B that a friend of his son had left in storage while on a trip. It wasn't love at first sight, but days later I decided to make an offer, he accepted, and today I'm in love with my CJ-3B."

"I am the third owner and over time a lot has been done to it. The previous owner replaced the original engine with a newer OHC engine produced by Ford and used by them in the CJ-5 after they bought Willys Overland do Brasil and built Jeeps until 1983. It is powered by ethanol, and there is a four-speed transmission."

See also the right side of the engine (420K JPEG).

Moacir also mentions that "Five old 6.00x16 tires were updated by new 6.50x16 tires.

"Now, with my wife and son, I have a good time travelling around the city, on small trips to nearby cities, and visiting my uncle on the farm that belonged to my grandparents."

CJ3B.info's July 2021 cover photo (750K JPEG) was taken by Moacir in a eucalyptus plantation in the city of Atalaia.

Herman Assink

Herman in the Netherlands sent this photo in 2021. "This is a picture of our Jeep CJ-3B, serial number 454GB2 16498, during a ride with other historical military vehicles. We became the owner of the Jeep in 2019 and have already enjoyed it a lot. What we have learned so far is that this Jeep served in the Swiss army. The previous owner painted it olive green; below that is a much darker color."

Ronnie Upchurch

Ronnie in Tuscaloosa, Alabama wrote in 2020, "I have recently acquired a 1954 Willys CJ-3B. I don't have any history on it, but there is a plate attached to the tailgate that says 'Hidden Hill Ranch.'

"Those big Dunlops are gone now. They were just there to get it off the ground. It was saved from a scrap yard. The wheels had been removed. I'm trying to put it back as close to original as I can. I'm unsure why it was scrapped; the tub has a very small amount of rust, the engine has been rebuilt and has a new wiring harness front to rear. After locating a starter and putting a new 6-volt battery in it, it runs great! I have rebuilt the trans and transfer case now because the synchronizer broke and locked the trans up. Can't wait to get it back in."

Robert Kwiecinski

Robert in Michigan says, "This CJ spent its working life in Texas on a farm. I purchased it in April 2020 and went full steam ahead. Tore her down and rebuilt all her components. I have never been more proud of something I restored, and a CJ-3B has been my dream Jeep since I was a little kid. Thirty-two years later I made it happen and she's a dream come true!"

See more details on this Stunning 1954 CJ-3B Rebuild.

Michael Velez

Michael in Fort Smith, Arkansas, told me in early 2019, "I purchased this Jeep as an unfinished project and set out to make it a good performing Willys. It works and performs great, and gets used -- it's seen a fair bit of action."

See more details and photos, and the original 1954 sales invoice, of this Long-Wheelbase Build.

Walker Gaulding

Walker Gaulding in Warsaw, Virginia, comes from a Jeep family and couldn't resist the chance to rescue and restore this abandoned CJ-3B and "Mow Hawk" bush hog. He decided to finish it with a clear coat over the existing patina, and he tells the whole story in Dad's Footsteps.

Gary Winborne

Gary wrote in early 2020, "I was riding and saw it on the side of the road with a sign that said make an offer. I did and bought it. It belonged to a county sheriff's grandfather here in Mississippi. I rebuilt engine, brakes, new paint (emerald green) and pretty much all else. Has Warn lockout hubs. I have wanted one since I was a kid. I use it for trail rides and hunting. I have also taken it to a few car shows. It's just a pleasure to drive."

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