DJ-3A Surrey Gala Jeeps

Another "Sibling of the CJ-3B"


Surrey Gala Jeep -- specifications, origins, promotions.

Development of the Willys Jeep Surrey -- influences and prototypes.

Gala Jeeps in Hawaii -- a success story.

Las Brisas: Birthplace of the Jeep Gala -- a half century of pink Jeeps.

See Acapulco in a Pink Jeep -- the TV series I Spy at Las Brisas.

Jeeps in Pepe (1960) -- classic scene at Las Brisas, in a not-so-classic movie.

1959 Jeep Gala Rental Plan -- promotion to resort owners.

Steer Your Clients to the New Jeep Gala -- Willys lobbies travel agents.

Jeep Gala Brochure -- colorful advertising booklet.

Pepsi Surrey Galas, 1960 -- unique paint schemes.

Gold Jeeps of 1961 -- The Chicago Auto Show and the TV series Hong Kong.

Surrey Gala Jeep in The Saint -- also some Willys MBs, in Roger Moore's TV series.

Surrey Jeeps in the Movies -- The Nutty Professor and more.

Jeeps Aplenty -- Surrey Galas in When the Girls Take Over (1962).

The Ambushers (1967) -- Matt Helm rides again, in a Jeep.

Elvis Presley's Jeeps -- Army M38A1 and Civilian DJ-3A Surrey.

Matchbox 1960 Jeep Surrey -- Elvis' Graceland runabout in 1/64 scale.

Fun in Acapulco (1963) -- Surrey Jeeps enhance the illusion.

Blue Surrey Joins the Agan Willys Family -- also a Korean War M38.

Jeeps in Ride the Wild Surf (1964) -- Barabara Eden's Surrey.

Catch a Wave (or a Jeep) -- Dispatchers in Blue Hawaii and In God's Hands.

The Original Tonka Surreys -- origins of the most famous Surrey toy.

Surrey Jeep Toys -- diecast, tinplate, pedal cars.

Win a Surrey Jeep from Kellogg's -- All-Bran cereal box.

The DJ-3A Dispatcher -- other DJ models, and serial number information.

West Coast CJ-3B Surrey -- photographed at the Portland Zoo.

High Hood Surrey -- 1961 CJ-3B in factory pink.

1961 Beach Car -- CJ-3B Gala built by Willys Australia.

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