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Welcome to the updated Owners' Photos section, full of the pictures you have sent in during the first three decades of CJ3B.info. You can browse larger copies of the photos of the Jeeps by year, and read the feature articles on many of the Jeeps. And you can contact CJ3B.info to add your CJ-3B here.

Owners' Photos and Featured Jeeps by Year

1953 Owners and Photos
-- the first year was huge for the CJ-3B, and many are still around.

1954 Owners and Photos
-- again in 1954 over 30,000 were built.

1955-59 Owners and Photos
-- production slowed after the CJ-5 was introduced.

1960-62 Owners and Photos
-- numbers climbed as the CJ-3B became a major export.

1963-68 Owners and Photos
-- some low-mileage survivors and the military version.

More Featured Jeeps

CJ-3B Owners On the Trails -- high hood action photos.

Homemade High Hood Gets Turbo Diesel -- Glen Plumridge's project in Australia.

Exploring Zululand in Old Willys Jeeps -- memories of trail-riding in South Africa.

The Military Look -- Jim Boswell builds big Willys toys.

ICON CJ3B -- the 2010 replica vehicle.

Jeep Tubs From Scratch -- camping in Australia.

Yellow Jeeps -- did any CJ-3Bs come from the factory that way?

CJ-3B Rock Crawlers -- serious off-road high hoods.

Mike Heimbigner's 3A/B -- hybrid build-up in bright yellow

CJ-3B Meeting in Maine -- nice scenery, nice old Jeeps

Building a Jeepney -- Ben Wallace brings it home to Texas

The Dilapidated CJ-3B Competition -- readers' photos

Junior Jacks Up His Jeep -- CJ-3B modified in Brazil

Frontier Jeep -- working CJ-3B near the Amazon

New York Snow Plow Jeep -- very original early-50's model

Willys Event Reports -- all of the Jeep show photos now in one place.

CJ3B.info Cover Pages -- many owners' photos were on the cover over the years.

F-4 Hurricane Engine Specs and Photos -- if you're looking for engine photos.

You can contact CJ3B.info to add your CJ-3B to the Owners & Photos pages. -- Derek Redmond

See Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps for a list of CJ-3Bs by serial number, with their owners and locations.

Where Are the CJ-3Bs? is a map of how many Jeeps there are in each of the 50 U.S. states.

Jeep Lives Lived recognizes some of our Jeep friends who have passed away.

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