CJ-3B Advertising and Literature



Jeep Specialized Vehicles and Equipment -- forklift, backhoe, ambulances and more.

Jeeps in Public Service -- 1950s promotional booklet for government.

Jeep Industrial Equipment -- 1950s promotional booklet for business.

Jeep Vehicles for Aircraft Ground Support -- specialized trucks for airport service.

Sears Jeep Parts Catalog -- aftermarket supplier for many years.

Pricing and Factory Options -- price lists and invoices.

CJ-3Bs on Catalogue Covers -- Kaiser Willys and 4WD Hardware cover photos.

What's a CJ-3B? -- a brief history.


Long-Lost 1953 Newspaper Ads -- including The CJ3B Page Coloring Book.

More 1953 Newspaper Ads -- including an Aero-Willys ad.

"Cavalcade of Jeeps", 1954 -- a unique roadshow of special equipment.

Farm Journal Jeep Ads, 1953 -- no-nonsense Universal Jeep ads.

Fortune Magazine Ad, 1954 -- Jeeps for big business.

Willys Motors Advertising Photo -- why did they take the Jeep to Colorado?

1953 Magazine Ad for Willys -- from LIFE and the Saturday Evening Post.

Win a Willys Jeep from Post Cereals -- 1954 contest.

Hitch Up the Old and the New -- 1962 dealership ad.

Willys Ads for Mexico -- including the CJ-3B.

Jeep Ads for South America -- from Popular Mecanica, Life, Reader's Digest.

Promoting the Australian-Made CJ-3B -- 1958 ads and press coverage.

Agriculture Prefers a Tractor -- promoting farm Jeeps in the Netherlands in 1954.


CJ-3B Magazine Articles -- interesting clippings from automotive mags.

MI Tests The New Jeep -- classic 1954 review by Tom McCahill from Mechanix Illustrated.

Where a Man Belongs -- 1980's Camel cigarette ad campaign.

CJ-3Bs in Advertising -- Cabela's, Jeep, Post Cereals.

J rations: Standard Issue 1 -- new Jeep magazine reviewed, 2006.

The Dispatcher -- reborn Willys magazine reviewed.


Willys Service Standards, 1952-54 -- specs and tolerances.

CJ-3B Owner's Manual -- 1953, 57 and 63 versions, and the Owner's Identification Card.

CJ-3B Parts List, 1956 -- exploded illustrations of many components.


CJ-3B Brochure, 1950s -- plus the whole Jeep lineup.

Goes Anywhere, Any Time, In Any Weather! -- early CJ-3B brochure.

The World's Standard Utility Vehicle -- 1953 export brochure.

CJ-3B Brochure, 1962 -- great illustrations.

Kaiser-Willys 4-Wheel Drive Brochures -- mini-posters of the Jeep line.

Early Jeep Hardtops -- brochures from various manufacturers.

CJ-3B Farm Jeeps -- Kaiser-Willys brochure KW-1706.

CJ-3B Jeep Fire Engine Brochure -- Willys Form SX-229-4.

Facts for Service Stations, 1953 -- including Hurricane engine info.

Jeeps for the Oil Industry, 1953 -- another version of the same leaflet.

Jeep Vehicles Help Fight Disease -- spraying mosquitoes.

The Jeep Family of Vehicles -- CJ-3B featured in Willys Motors brochure 61-7.

Universal Jeep Brochure -- features the new CJ-5 and 6.

Books and Booklets

Jeep vs. Scout: "Confidential" -- rare Willys Export booklet with great illustrations.

A Few Facts For the Record... on Jeep vehicles vs. Scout.

Scout vs. Jeep: International Harvester's Pitch -- the comfy and stylish alternative.

More Jeep Fire Equipment Literature -- from several booklets.

8 Out of 10 'Jeep' Vehicles Are Sold to These Buyers -- more advice for Willys salesmen.

How to Use Willys 4 Wheel Drive -- some tips and cautions ("Keep your eyes on the road!").

Jeep-A-Trench -- "Gear-Draulic" trenching attachment.

The CJ-3B Bookshelf -- reviews of books old and new.

Cards and Posters

The Vehicle of Ten Thousand Abilities -- a 1953 postcard.

1953 Willys Prices -- this unused postcard becomes a history lesson.

Bubblegum Card, 1953 -- from the Topps "World on Wheels" series.

Universal Jeep and Compressor -- special equipment postcard.

Coffee Card from Finland -- breakfast with a Jeep on the side.

Willys-Overland Parts Boxes -- with Jeep drawings.

Kaiser Jeep Model Identification poster, 1968 -- as seen on Jeep dealers' walls.

AMC Jeep Model Identification poster -- later American Motors version.

TV and Radio Commercials

1960s Jeep Radio Commercials -- script excerpts, plus audio clips.

1961 Kaiser Industries/Willys Jeep TV commercial -- QuickTime video (10MB).

The World's Most Useful Vehicles -- wonderful 19-minute color film with lots of CJ-3Bs.

Willys Family on Film -- and it's pronounced "Willis".

Jeep Art

Jeep Art by Mort Künstler -- "America's Artist" had an earlier career with adventure mags.

The Saturday Evening Post -- 1957 and 1958 cover paintings.

Jeep Pinup -- True Adventures cover by Basil Gogos.

Willys Jeep At Work -- Michigan farm Jeep inspires painting.

1963 Mitsubishi J3R Jeep Art -- Hidemi Hishikawa's work in a variety of media.

Willys Art in Colombia -- three artists paint the CJ-3B.

Jeeps in Jonny Quest -- Doug Wildey's art for the classic animated TV series.

Curious George  Downunder in a CJ-3B -- the monkey goes on a Jeep safari.

Calendar Art by Walter Baumhofer -- Jeeps and bears.

Holy Toledo! Jeep Calendar -- all the editions, starting in 2007.

Jeep Art From Flores -- cartoons by Roberto Flores in Spain.

Original Factory Art -- from the Owner's Manual, Service Manual and Parts List.

High Hood as Art -- what gives the CJ-3B its appeal?

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